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Thomas L. Miles :::

I am a consultant to social services agencies with inflexible or underutilized clinical records software or who seek to combine and rationalize multiple sources of data to meet regulatory, accounting and workflow needs.

Who Are You?

You work with an agency, small or large, that provides social or medical services. You have tight budgets and growing regulatory demand.

You’ve bought a big software package to manage clinical records. But does it do everything you want?

Maybe you have a legacy database or an endless pile of digitized documents?

Maybe you just need to provide a set of metrics to a funder and have no idea how to get that from your PHI?

Maybe your expensive clinical software is working just OK out of the box, but you want it customized for just your needs? Or is it not working OK and you don’t want to hire full time IT staff?

Maybe you already report data with confidence but are tired of your clinic director or office manager having to pull double duty every time a funder’s deadline looms!

What I Can Do For Your Agency!

I untangle problems like these every day!

I work to project or a few hours a week providing you with all the skills of a data manager, a DBA, an engineer from your software vendor, or an IT department, without the overhead.

Perfecting the Reporting AND Collecting of Your Data

I provide SQL scripting, data reporting, government compliance, normalization, analysis, and application support and customization to several NYC based housing and social services agencies, serving families, homeless /at risk, SPMI, and MICA clients as well as agencies providing home medical and other services to underserved populations.

Keeping You Running and Getting The Most From Your Software

I’ve managed installations of, and reported data from an array of complex software, including Netsmart Evolv-CS, Foothold Awards, Social Solutions Efforts-To-Outcomes, Netsmart Avatar, and Regina Project’s SQLClinic.  

Any of these–and any other software–can be customized to meet you needs better.

If You Collect It, We Can Report It

Then, by working directly with their databases and learning their data structures, I can leverage in new ways the data you are already collecting.

Using Structured Query Language, I write code that aspires to reusability, while advising agencies in database design, modification, and normalization.  

If your SQL Server database is hosted locally or remotely, we can build bespoke reporting services, creating custom one-click reports to your intranet, printable files, or Office and other spreadsheet applications.

Applications like Microsoft’s SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)–especially when built into a new custom or your standard intranet–can give you and your co-workers on demand reporting customized to exactly your needs, regardless of what software you run.

I’ve Worked With Data Like Yours

I have long experience with the HMIS data sets, APR, AHAR, and supporting data for NOFA requests. This includes in Continuum of Care relationships, other regulatory reporting and relations, such as NY State OMH, New York City agencies, and HUD, as well as HUD-VASH with the VA. I’ve produced data for foundation and private grants, including Robinhood Foundation and Komen. From backend to frontline, I have provided new software roll out, workflow creation, form design and implementation, program staff buy-in, training, and data quality remediation. I provide special training, auditing, and oversight for HIPAA / HITECH Act covered entities for staff, workflow, IT needs, and follow up auditing. I’ve worked with SAMHSA 42 CFR Part 2 regulations for SUD and the complex federal reporting standards for CCBHC entities.

Not Just Specialties, Not Just IT Expertise.

Almost two decades of work in the field has given me broad knowledge of the tasks and needs of social services providers and mental health clinicians. I have provided workflow development and trained staff in all aspects of charting, EMR usage, NYSCRI data standards, NYS Medicaid/Managed Care billing, broader IT, and security.

I’ve on worked data stored everywhere from Amazon Cloud server installations to that old Windows Server in your office closet. When in doubt I can keep any of these running for you and your staff.

For a decade I helped write the sort of clinical record software you use.

As a member of Regina Project ( ) I provide training, administration, and support to agencies using SQL Clinic software, working with their dedicated programmers in New York City who provide their software for social service agencies around the globe.

The Money Part

You’re running an agency, not a software company. You need expertise in data management at crunch time, but don’t want to pay for full time staff. Or your program manager would like to get back to seeing clients, not just building forms or spending a weekend trying to combine three five-thousand line XLS spreadsheets into the report she needs.

I’m always happy to work at your office, but almost anything done there, I can do remotely (I was doing it well before 2020!), saving a workstation for your real staff.

Interested? Just have questions?

Your budget, and your staff will thank you for getting help!

Contact me through the email form here, or through my accounts on LinkedIn,, and Twitter.

Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice suites, MySQL/PostgreSQL/T-SQL, MS SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), shell scripting, regular expressions, R, SPSS, Crystal Reports, Foothold Awards, Social Solutions Efforts-To-Outcomes, Netsmart Evolv-CS, Netsmart Avatar, and SQLClinic.