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2014_portrait Thomas Lorne MilesI am a consultant to social services agencies which find themselves with inflexible or underutilized database software or who seek to combine and rationalize multiple sources of data to meet regulatory, accounting and workflow needs.

I provide SQL scripting, data reporting, government compliance, normalization, analysis, and application support to several NYC based housing and social services agencies, serving families, homeless /at risk, SPMI, and MICA clients as well as agencies providing home medical and other services to underserved populations. I’ve managed installations of, and reported data from a array of complex software, including Foothold Awards, Social Solutions Efforts-To-Outcomes, Defran/Netsmart Evolv-CS, Netsmart Avatar, and Regina Project’s SQLClinic.  By working directly with their databases and learning their data structures, I can leverage in new ways the data you already collect.

Using Structured Query Language, I write code that aspires to reusability, while advising agencies in database design, modification, and normalization.  If your SQL Server database is hosted locally, we can build bespoke reporting services, creating custom one-click reports to your intranet, printable files, or Office and other spreadsheet applications.

I have long experience with the HMIS data sets, APR, AHAR, and supporting data for NOFA requests. This includes in Continuum of Care relationships, other regulatory reporting and relations, such as NY State OMH, New York City agencies, and HUD, as well as HUD-VASH with the VA. I’ve produced data for foundation and private grants, including Robinhood Foundation and Komen. From backend to frontline, I have provided new software roll out, workflow creation, form design and implementation, program staff buy-in, training, and data quality remediation. I provide special training, auditing, and oversight for HIPAA / HITECH Act covered entities for staff, workflow, IT needs, and follow up auditing.

A decade of work has given me broad knowledge of the tasks and needs of social services providers and mental health clinicians. I have provided workflow development and trained staff in all aspects of charting, EMR usage, NYS Medicaid billing, broader IT, and security.

As a member of Regina Project ( ) I provide training, administration, and support to agencies using SQL Clinic software, working with their dedicated programmers in New York City who provide their software for social service agencies around the globe.

Tools: Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice suites, MySQL/PostgreSQL/T-SQL, MS SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), shell scripting, regular expressions, R, SPSS, Crystal Reports, Foothold Awards, Social Solutions Efforts-To-Outcomes, Defran Evolv-CS, Netsmart Avatar, and SQLClinic.

As a consultant, I have combined technical skills, hard-won research and analytic ability, and an academic’s commitment into providing knowledge and tools for those doing good.

I bring SQL programming, reporting, database design and normalization to a variety of non-profit agencies in need of specialist skills.

As Programmer and Patient Information Systems Analyst, I helped develop from scratch a sprawling EMR system serving housing and mental health programs. My work ranged from development, debugging, analyzing regulatory specifications, to providing all training, documentation, and support for hundreds of users. I learned much about data reporting to funders and government, data QI, and extra-agency data sharing. Running a twelve person training team, I producing Medicaid billing for six programs and maintained reimbursement rates in the high 90 percentiles amidst bankruptcies and two hospital reorganizations.

I’ve designed and managed WordPress and Drupal CMSs, including custom PHP and HTML, graphic design, editing, and writing. I have trained others in the use of software from EMRs, to photo editing to office suites.

Since leaving academia I’ve remained involved in the study of contemporary West Africa, notably the nations of Niger and Mali. My writing has appeared in a number of publications and I have done current events focused interviews for radio and print. I have provided background for reporters, NGOs, and international agencies regarding Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. A 2011 article on the Libyan revolution was chosen as one of “Five indispensable pieces of the week” by Britain’s New Statesman. I am currently writing a 60,000 word monograph under contract with a UK publisher.

I have done a wide array of work with social justice causes: chairing groups, running weekly events and long term campaigns, creating everything from flyers to websites, being an invited speaker, and doing public outreach.

I’m happily married and father to six cats.

You may contact me through the email form at the bottom of this page, or through my accounts on LinkedIn,, and Twitter.